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How Sweet It Is…

Jul 14th, 2008 by admin | 1

I love weddings. I think they’re a blast, and it’s a great way to get to know the new couple- the music, the venue, the theme- I think it all shows a lot about their personalities.

That being said, I recently went to a wedding that was fantastic- very casual and elegant. One thing I loved about the party was the decorations and the candy buffet.

Candy Buffet

Personally, I love candy buffets. I think they’re a great, unisex way for guests to take something with them and not waste or have leftover favors if people don’t pick them up. If you have leftovers, they’re already stored for you which makes cleaning up a cinch.

Gumball.com offers eleven solid colored gumballs: pink, white, lime green, brown, purple, maroon, red, yellow, orange, and blue.

Pink and Green Gumballs for a Candy Buffet!

Pink and green make great spring and summer wedding colors! You can get pink lemonade or bubble gum flavored gumballs in pink, with green apple or watermelon flavored gumballs in green. Mix them up or keep them separate- you can even add in some white gumballs in a 3:1 ratio or something similar, to keep the mix looking even.

Pink and White Candy Buffet

Here’s another great candy buffet. I love the short bowls mixed with the taller behind to give the table depth. ” Sweet Dreams” is a great way to end any night! The frosted takeout boxes are very cute and trendy, and using spoons and scoops for the gumballs and other candy match the silver theme. White and pink gumballs are once again a hit!

One Comment on “How Sweet It Is…”

  1. Suzanne said:

    Hi there! Love the blog- definitely a sweet treat for my afternoon sugar cravings!

    I didn’t use candy at my weddings but I love the idea- my sister is planning hers so I definitely think I will be recommending some pink and white gumballs for her! Thanks!

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